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Want to be a Parade Marshal at the Glen Eden Santa Parade?

The Glen Eden Santa Parade is nearly here and we know that many people really enjoy this event.
Santa STILL needs some little helpers!
Particularly needed are responsible folk to act as Parade Marshals. This involves keeping the public safe by making sure everyone is in the right place and monitoring traffic flows, as well as other little jobs.
You would need to be available from 12 to 3pm on Saturday 15th November and also attend a meeting to be briefed on your role. Come on guys! This event takes a lot of work and organisation and your contribution would be deeply appreciated.
If you can help, PLEASE get in touch with Eleanor. If you can’t do the marshal job there may be some other little way you can help.

I know there are a lot of good people out there. Now is your chance to do something tangible to support the good folk who work so hard to try and brighten the life of the community of Glen Eden.

Just a few hours of your time will mean so much!!


Santa Needs Your Help at the Glen Eden Christmas Parade

Santa is very busy at the moment in his workshop but he will be at the Glen Eden Christmas Parade on November 15th.

Now here’s the thing: Santa and his helpers really need some MORE helpers for that day. If you think you would like to help, even in a small way, please contact one of the Boss Helpers – Eleanor at – as she would love to hear from you.

No contribution is too small: There are all sorts of jobs to be done.
Please get in touch.

Santa in his workshop

Santa busy in his workshop